2015 Festival Summary

  • 46 Chainsaw Carvers were at the festival this year.
  • They donated 122 Carvings for the Auction.
  • 131 people registered for the Auction
  • The Auction total was $29,630.00, $9,100 less than last year.  Half $14,640.00 minus a Festival donation went to the carvers.  The average price per carving was about $243, $3 more than last year.
  • The Confluence Lions Club donated $4,000.00, more than the net proceeds from the Festival, to the Somerset County Blind Center.  The Confluence Lions Club has donated over $115,800 to the Somerset County Blind Center from the past 12 Festivals.
  • Kenny Bowers won First Place with top Auction Piece of $2,000.  Kenny won $700 and our First Place Auction Trophy.
  • Sue Cox was second with $2,000.  Sue won $300 and our Second Place Auction Trophy.
  • Benjamin Rannels was third with $1,500 Ben won $200 and our Third Place Auction Trophy.
  • Kenny Bowers won for the “Peoples Choice” voting.  Kenny won $200.00 and our First Place Peoples Choice Trophy.
  • Kevin Treat won First Place for his Home Sweet Home Carving Sponsor Carving judged by the clients from the Somerset County Blind Center.  Kevin won a Husqvarna Chainsaw and our First Place Sponsor Carving Trophy.
  • Vivian Sierzega-Rouse’s Blind Man Carving was second and received our Second Place Sponsor Carving Trophy.
  • Jack Riese’s Eagle carving was third and received our Third Place Sponsor Carving Trophy.
  • Every carver that attended the Banquet on Thursday night received a door prize.  There were two Husqvarna Chainsaw available, shirts, hats and oil along with other items.
  • Chris DeStefano was chosen to do the Addison Park Carving for 2015.  Chris carved a Sasquatch.  It will be on permanent display in the Park along with the eleven previous carvings, one for each year.
  • The 46 carver split a total of $25,300 from the Auction, prize money, sponsorships, Husqvarna chain saws, gifts and food.  This does not include individual sales.

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