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Carver Registration

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The Confluence Lions Club is holding the 14th Annual National Road Chainsaw Carving Festival in Addison, PA on Thursday, Friday and Saturday June 15, 16 and 17, 2017 at the Addison National Road Community Park; the Park has pavilions, a bandstand and a hard gravel surface-walking track to locate the Carvers around.


Carvers will have ample space to carve, display and sell items.  This is a free festival, no booth charge, no admission charge.  We do ask each carver to carve and donate at least one item for the auction.  You may donate up to four items to the Auction.  All carvings placed in the Auction become the property of the Confluence Lions Club until sold.  You will receive one half of the Auction price of these carvings.  Trophies will be awarded based on the highest selling price of one carvings placed in the Auction.


Each year the Confluence Lions Club purchases one carving for permanent display in the Park.  The Confluence Lions Club may choose one piece and will offer the carver $1000.00 for that carving.  If accepted it will be put on permanent display in the park.


The Carving Auction will be on Saturday June 17 at 3:00 PM.  Net proceeds from the Festival will go to the Somerset County Blind Association.  Over the past thirteen festivals the Confluence Lions Club has donated $124,300.00 to the Somerset County Blind Association.


A limited number of Carver Sponsorships are available.  You will receive $150.00 in cash if you are willing to donate a carving of equal value to a sponsor.  You will receive the money when the carving is completed and approved.


Each carver will receive four tickets for up to $5.00 each for the Lions Food Trailer, tickets to the Banquet on Thursday Night, a T-shirt, bar and mix oil and a gift.  Your name will be on the T-Shirt if you register by May 21.  All the logs will be provided.


We will also have a Silent Auction and Food Venders.


You are welcome to arrive as early as Monday June 12, 2017.  


For more information call Tom Briar at 814-395-3469. 


At Last year’s Festival we had 40 Carvers.  We would like to keep the number to no more than 45.  Carvers that attended last year will be given the first chance to register until April 1st before we open the registration to other carvers, if there are any spaces available.


Applications received from other carvers will be placed on a Waiting List until after April 1st and will be accepted by the earliest date of their application, if space is available.


You will receive an email or letter confirming your registration or Wait List status in a few days after registering.  Registered carvers will be added to the “Registered Carvers” page on this web site.

Click here to register for 2017.