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2015 Festival Summary

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46 Chainsaw Carvers were at the festival this year. 


They donated 122 Carvings for the Auction.


131 people registered for the Auction


The Auction total was $29,630.00, $9,100 less than last year.  Half $14,640.00 minus a Festival donation went to the carvers.  The average price per carving was about $243, $3 more than last year.


The Confluence Lions Club donated $4,000.00, more than the net proceeds from the Festival, to the Somerset County Blind Center.  The Confluence Lions Club has donated over $115,800 to the Somerset County Blind Center from the past 12 Festivals.


Kenny Bowers won First Place with top Auction Piece of $2,000.  Kenny won $700 and our First Place Auction Trophy.


Sue Cox was second with $2,000.  Sue won $300 and our Second Place Auction Trophy.


Benjamin Rannels was third with $1,500 Ben won $200 and our Third Place Auction Trophy.


Kenny Bowers won for the “Peoples Choice” voting.  Kenny won $200.00 and our First Place Peoples Choice Trophy.


Kevin Treat won First Place for his Home Sweet Home Carving Sponsor Carving judged by the clients from the Somerset County Blind Center.  Kevin won a Husqvarna Chainsaw and our First Place Sponsor Carving Trophy.


Vivian Sierzega-Rouse’s Blind Man Carving was second and received our Second Place Sponsor Carving Trophy.


Jack Riese’s Eagle carving was third and received our Third Place Sponsor Carving Trophy.


Every carver that attended the Banquet on Thursday night received a door prize.  There were two Husqvarna Chainsaw available, shirts, hats and oil along with other items.


Chris DeStefano was chosen to do the Addison Park Carving for 2015.  Chris carved a Sasquatch.  It will be on permanent display in the Park along with the eleven previous carvings, one for each year.


The 46 carver split a total of $25,300 from the Auction, prize money, sponsorships, Husqvarna chain saws, gifts and food.  This does not include individual sales.